Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Scribble #8

So... Sunday.

Snow on the ground.

Someone's house alarm blaring away (probably due to the high winds - this is the 2nd/3rd time in 12 hours)

*turns on iTunes to counter the sirensong*

Ah, The Bad Shepherds.

I've recently taken steps to start being weaned off the antidepressants I've been taking since July last year. Hopefully this attempt will go better than the last one, where my former GP told me to "Skip taking 1 every other day" which lead to very erratic sleep patterns and nightmares.

I thought I had a withdrawal headache yesterday, but reports of "wanting to die to stop the pain" are apparently over-exaggerated.

"Discontinuation" is causing a very dry mouth, and also, causing reality to become slightly frayed at the edges - I feel as though I am moving a lot slower than I actually am. This is going to be due to the 37.5mg drop of Effexor taking effect in my bloodstream.

Perhaps a song needs to be written re: discontinuing... Who knows.

Finally got an appointment to go and talk about setting up the recording job / record label.

Pleasantly surprised at my recent impetus to paint (and paint well it has to be added) - Considering offering commission works if I can find some people wanting armies painted to a good quality (this would also involve my armies being finished so... Who knows about that too haha!)

Doing my best to NOT play Silly Buggers, and hopefully, sticking to it.

Currently also coming to a better understanding of myself as a person. The more I understand of Objectivist philosophy, the more I come to regard it as "The Absolute Truth" I will carry forward with me. 
As such, and thanks to having plenty of time to think recently, I've decided to organise humanity (including those closest to me) as 'looters' and 'producers'.

The 'looters' out there are all out to benefit from the work of the producers (It's essentially the principle Communism is based on - Each contributes as per his skill, but each takes as per his need.) 
The looters of this world do not contribute equal to their own needs. 
The looter will take advantage of a person when that person is in a position to be taken advantage of.
Once the looter has taken what he or she needs from any given victim, they will leave, then blaming the victim for having no more to give, be that money, time, resources etc. 
The looter will demand more of the producer than he will demand of himself. 
This way of living is ultimately flawed as the looters will eventually run out of victims, and will be unable to sustain themselves any longer. To the looters, I say this: You will not take from me without offering in return. I am not yours to bleed as you see fit.

The 'producers' of this world are the ones who will go out and give to the world around them, be that time, money, resources etc. 
A producer understands what it is to stand on their own, to take their own grasp of life, and to reach for something besides a hand-out. 
A producer, through moral fibre, altruism or sheer bloodymindedness to give more to the world than they themselves receive, understands the vulnerability of the human soul.
A producer will not ask for aid or favour from any other person; the producer will always offer a trade in it's place. 
While I may not always agree with the producers altruism to feed those too idle to feed themselves, I say this: You are my brothers and my sisters. I will co-opt from you as you co-opt from me; freely, honestly, and without the need for begging.

And to the few friends who read this: Consider carefully which sort of friend you may be. Some of you will know instinctively; many of you will not. Some of you will care; many of you will not. Some of you may even consider calling me out on what I define you as; most of you will not. 

But to those few brave enough to ask what I think of you, I admire your courage. By your actions will you know your answer.
As to the rest of you, in lacking in action, you too will know your answer.

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