Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday Tattle #10 (Tuesday Triumph!)

Haha, fooled you!

Well, I still have yet to receive any letter re: my psychological evaluation / mental health, but other than that...

(I also don't know a positive word beginning with T...

*goes to Google...

Triumphant? Sod it, Triumph!)

Tuesday Triumph!*

Easter weekend saw the visit of my grandmother from the North (as I may have mentioned in my last blog ... *checks checks while listening to the police sirens that are close by and out of phase... * No, I didn't) and the weekend was nicely wrapped up by a party for my step-grandmother who is doing a damned good impression of a woman who is going to live forever...

The three remaining days saw me go a little insane trying to figure out exactly what to pack, an affliction I was thankfully relieved of by my best friend (you know who you are :D)

Friday arrived with excitement and glee (the emotion, not the TV Show) only to find my train cancelled! A quick stop in the first class lounge (Oh yeah baby!) and a seven minute delay (oh the horror!) and I was back on track - to find I was now riding the same train as my ex girlfriend, her new boyfriend, her sister and her sister's fiancĂ©. The ex and her toyboy had no idea where to look when I mentioned I was travelling "... First Class to Cambridge to play some gigs... Getting paid £80 per gig..." Somethings are just so sweet you want to eat them, no? It's also very satisfying to be given a free bacon sandwich, a cup of tea and free WiFi.

Friday night's gig (while rehearsal time was short) went amazingly well, and we did celebrate accordingly (would you not agree?)

Saturday was what I have come to expect in Cambridge - Filled with geekdom! Forbidden Planet, Games Workshop and Inner Sanctum! Another night of celebratory ale and several very fun rounds of Zombie (Drinking) Dice!

Sunday was more practicing, and the discovery of a new love - Stilton on burgers!

Sunday night's gig also went amazingly well! I managed to line up some potential new work, and, apparently, I played another awesome set! I must remember to work with my friends more often; sharing the stage is so much more fun that way.

Monday was a little sad as I had to leave the lovely city behind, but I am in no doubt I shall see her again soon!

I recently said to a friend that 2013 appears to be "The Year of The Geek" a parody of the Chinese New Year Zodiac, but it would appear to be incredibly true - Already I have begun a program of discontinuation of this obnoxious medication, the advent of self employment, a huge creative boost and the future prospects of a full degree! I am also incredibly privileged to have met many great people so far this year, and while it has also seen some older acquaintances slip off the edges of the 'disc, those that have gone have been of little use in the New Order. 

So, my dear readers, as I appear to have some regulars, as well as hopefully gathering new ones, I shall bid you au revoir until next time!

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