Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Sunday Switch #18

Also henceforth known as The Reversal of Fortune.

So, on Saturday, after a particularly long spell of confinement, and a slight attack of cabin fever (The psuedo-psychological condition, not the film, though that was a pretty shitty film) I decided to amble to town to sell some video games I no longer played.

Side-step to last August - After a particularly messy argument with my ex, which ended when she began ignoring me, I decided to go on what I called a life spree, doing things that made me feel awesome and alive, determined to not let her bring me down again. This included new clothes, recording an album, a friends wedding and This Girl. Ah, This Girl... This Girl is the name given to a girl I had seen several times on my local bus but had never had the balls to talk to at the time. Having found out a few weeks before hand that she and I shared a mutual friend, I took it upon myself to add This Girl on Facebook, with the intention to get to know her etc etc. We got talking, met up for a drink and ended it the next morning at breakfast. We then had a clunky few weeks talking before she left town.

Back to Saturday...
So, This Girl gets on my bus. With a pushchair. With a child in it. A young child, possibly a month or so old. With very dark hair. I myself am dark haired (as you may or may not know) and, given the length of time between intimate encounter and now, the alarm bells went off...

The air evaporates from my lungs. My mouth resembles the Sahara. My heart decides it wants to join Dragonforce as a drummer and raises it's speed. She sees me and waves. She sits down with me and we talk. My tensions are put to rest when she tells me its her sisters n-th baby (2nd or 3rd, I wasn't really paying attention at that moment!) and I relax as we chat. We talk about the time that's passed since our brief encounter, what we've been upto and so forth. We arrive in the bus station in the town centre and continue chatting, gradually getting to making our goodbyes once again.

I'm not entirely sure if it was serendipity *looks up the actual meaning... Yes, it could have been* or whether it was just Karma sitting on my side of the poker table having gone all in with a Full House against a pair of Jacks, but at the moment that we embraced, I saw The Ex. She saw me and, not for the first time this year, seemed to go a funny shade of off-white and green, especially as I was in the embrace of a very attractive young lady, who was holding a pushchair in her free hand. This Girl turns and recognises The Ex, and proceeds to plant a kiss on my lips.

The moment then becomes as sweet as a honey glazed jam doughnut, sprinkled with chocolate powder, sugar and topped with sprinkles.

The Ex glares at me with a look that could sour vodka (Yes, you read it right) and adds a shade of red to her cheeks. She gives the same look to This Girl and the pushchair, clearly adding 2+2+2 in her head and possibly making 6 (or 222 in this case) and speeds up her pace, veritably marching past with a look somewhere between anger and incredulity. Me and This Girl simply smiled at each other, embraced again, said a proper goodbye and went our separate ways.

Flash-forward to Saturday night, and a dream involving This Girl and myself. This time, however, the child is mine, and I'm left with a crippling fear of the future and similarly incredulous feelings as to the day's events.

So this morning, I woke up feeling bad inside, like I had actually been the father of the child, and then had rejected the idea. So yes, if it was Karma dealing a Full House yesterday, it would seem the scales have been reset. Well played, Karma.

Next time though; Don't fill me with doubt.

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