Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesday Typeset #16

So, it's my first Blog of June - Shock Horror!

Currently listening to 'Journey of the Sorcerer' by The Eagles (Bonus points for anyone who knows the alternative name of this Opus!)

I honestly can't work out how or why I've been this last 18 days... So many little ups and downs it's almost impossible to track them all...

The weekend in Cambridge went really well - Lots of recording done, some great food and ale were sampled, a fantastic gig was played and many laughs were had being beaten at Monty Python Fluxx.

This is the second incarnation of Fluxx I've played and I have to say I love the game IMMENSELY! Looney Labs have done an amazing job and I can't wait to play other incarnations, both present and future!

The plan for today? Wait for a phone call, and probably tidy and sort my books (of which there are many!)

Until next time!


(I also think I've fallen in love... Shit.)

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