Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Scrutiny #3

So today is part-psychological and part-hobby blog.

Firstly, I've been crippled by so much self doubt recently... I mean, yes, I'm being realistic in trying to tone down an "Ideal" scenario of all possible variables, but it seems that my brain cannot cope with being rational and so, has decided to throw itself into 'Scumbag' mode and show me the worst possible outcome. And for me, the most annoying part is that my brain is lying to me. It's telling me it knows what's going on in her head when it doesn't even know what IT is thinking. Maybe this is my body's reaction to the lack of energy drinks this past week... Well, 'Scumbag Brain', there's no more energy drinks coming. Period. So buck the f*ck up and stop being a tw*t to me re: this situation.

And now for the fun part - The hobby blog section!

So, with the recent release of the Chaos Daemons new rulesets for Warhammer 40k (and Fantasy) I've picked up daemons to add to the already huge list of army projects.

This list is as follows:

Chaos Space Marines - Word Bearers Legion. Recent new additions include 10 Chaos Terminators and 10 Warp Talons. I'm also currently building a Chaos Vindicator and Forgefiend to include in as Heavy Support choices. These, along with some Chaos Cultists I'm on with assembling, are forming the basis of my Word Bearers army. As an Undivided Legion (they pray equally to all four Chaos Gods and thus, gain no specific favour from any God) the potential for variety in Word Bearers is much greater than in one of the four Monotheistic legions (World Eater = Khorne, Death Guard = Nurgle, Thousand Sons = Tzeentch, Emperor's Children = Slaanesh) and as such, two squads are already showing varied Marks of Chaos; My Warp Talons have the Mark of Tzeentch (making their 5+ Daemon invulnerable save into a 4+, thereby increasing their survival percentage vs. high Strength/AP weapons from 33% to 50%) and a squad of Chaos Marines have the Mark of Khorne (Given as a fluff factor - the squad themselves are all armed with close combat weapons and are built with pieces of Khorne Berserkers interlaced. This is to show their slide from Word Bearers into Berserkers in the future. It also gives them  +2 Attacks on the charge and a +1 Attack bonus when charged, and with the Khorne Icon, they are given a +1 Strength boost to go with their +2 Attacks when they charge!) The Army itself is based partly on the 17th Legion's forces mentioned in the Know No Fear: The Battle for Calth book, with more Daemon units to be added in the future, such as Mutilators, Obliterators, a Heldrake etc.

Dark Angels - This is the last vestige of my Imperial allegiances, and damned strong ones they are too! With the release of the Dark Angels ruleset at the beginning of the year, the army itself received a long-awaited update, as well as adding in several new units I was eager to get ahold of. The army (Totalling some 5000 points or more) is predominantly based on the 1st and 2nd Companies (Deathwing and Ravenwing respectively) as well as adding in Tactical and Scout marines to round out the force and for use in smaller points games where manpower is more important than armour value! Recent additions include Ravenwing Black Knights, Deathwing Knights and another Tactical Squad from the Dark Vengeance boxset.

Dark Eldar - To begin with, these guys were bought solely as an Ally for the Chaos Marines a la 6th Edition rules, but the army is growing in size and stature (a lot of it still in boxes) and is akin to Urien Rakarth's 'Prophets of the Flesh' coven of Haemonculi, with units including Wracks, a Talos and a Chronos engine, Kabalite Trueborn and Reaver jetbikers. The army is being designed with the premise that if one moves fast enough, the enemy fire can be avoided and the flesh stripped from their bones before they can cry out for mercy.

Necrons - An army brought from 5th Edition, these guys are using Anrakyr and Szeras as their leaders, forming them into mighty and agile force. Rounded out with 2 Night Scythes, Tomb Blades, Triarch Stalkers and Canoptek Wraiths, these guys are also about speed, but their speed is leant a heavy hand on arrival when the Immortals are disgorged from the Scythes to target enemies with the help of the Triarch Stalkers!

Chaos Daemons - Currently consisting of the bare minimum of units, these guys are going to be developed into another hard hitting force; one that is less reliant on speed and more reliant on extreme application of force en masse, though they will mostly be allied to my Word Bearers, helping the narrative nature of the 17th Legion as Daemonancers.

Ogre Kingdoms - These are my primary Fantasy beasts and OH MY WORD (Bearers!) Do I LOVE these guys! These guys are WAY bigger than ANYTHING else in the Fantasy world and they intend to make it known! Tactics with these guys will need to be re-evaluated with the introduction of several huge pieces of war materiel, but I intend to hammer my future opponents into mush!

Orcs and Goblins - Started as a change from the Ogres, I've decided to get away from the "Standard" nature of Orcs (if their is such a thing) and base it on a loosely connected network of war bands gathering under one Warboss (or Wurrzag) to bring WAAAGH! to the Old World!

These are just a few of the MANY projects I have running, and in future, I may discuss more of my armies, but for now, thank you for allowing me to bore you with my psychotic ramblings...

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