Thursday, 10 October 2013

A quick post #23

With the 12 or so remaining minutes of battery life left on this laptop--


0:09 minutes as I am now reliably informed.

I have just had a moment.

"That's not unusual." I head you say, in your bold-type.


Yes, it is.


I've never placed myself as 'normal.' Normal doesn't exist in my mind, both as a regular and mentally ill person. Normal means as much to me as 'nice.' (I will elaborate on 'nice' at a later date.)


Okay, so.

I'm wrestling in my head with this self-obsessed, whingy, asinine and nonsensical conflict over (What else) a woman.

0:05 (Yes computer I know don't fucking count down!)

We knew each other once, a while ago, about the time I was dating The Ex. 



So, I asked myself "What am I scared of?" (Well, I asked 'what are YOU scared of?' but...)

I thought to myself "Maybe it'll be good for me. She's nouveau Bohemian,  maybe I need to get back to my artistic roots.

Then I asked...

Am I too old to be Bohemian?

(Computer dies)

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